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How does IHT get customers up and running?

Invisible Health Technologies works with our clients to build multi-faceted, integrated health and safety systems that make spaces cleaner, help organizations prepare for whatever might come next, and redefine a “new normal” for public health measures in a post-pandemic age.

We take a consultative approach to every organization’s health and safety needs. Then, we work with our clients to build a health and safety action plan that leverages a combination of technologies to help build the ideal environment for their students, customers, and employees.

As advances in science and technology continue, IHT remains at the forefront of new developments to ensure your business will be prepared for what’s coming.

How can I be certain IHT’s technologies are accurate?

Our team at IHT has over 40 combined years of experience identifying cutting-edge technology solutions from across the world and in the field of emergency preparedness. 

Our mission is to use technology to help make the world a safe, more prepared place and we know that only comes from accuracy. We are passionate about our role in identifying, selecting, and supporting technologies that will help keep people safe. As part of our selection process, we conduct extensive market research and exhaustive technical due diligence on all of the systems that we sell and support. 

COVID-19 is hopefully soon to be behind us. Do I still need IHT’s services?

At the time of writing, Covid-19 remains a global pandemic significantly impacting the vast majority of countries across the world. 

We believe that the United States has been somewhat fortunate to not have encountered an outbreak or public health crisis of this scale in over 100 years. When you look at the recent history of Asian countries such as Singapore and Taiwan, they have faced a series of public health crises since the SARS epidemic that hit the region in 2003. 

Taiwan and Singapore have had an excellent response to Covid-19, with both ranking in the Top 5 Countries in Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking and both countries having less than 5 Deaths Per 1 Million population.

The reason that both nations performed so admirably in their fight against Covid lies in their learnings from SAARS and the pandemic preparedness protocols and technologies they implemented as a result. They were the best-prepared countries in the world and it is now the job of the United States and other nations to catch up. IHT has a suite of technologies that can help your organization prevent, protect, mitigate, respond and recover. That is the essence of preparedness.

Will deploying IHT’s technologies save time and money?

We believe that accuracy, efficiency and consistency are the three pillars of successful preparedness technology. 

It goes without saying that any and all systems must be accurate- otherwise, they will cause more harm than good. These technologies are akin to security systems and they must be functional, ready and relied upon to help protect us- all day, every day, essentially forever.

The last pillar is Efficiency. These systems must be affordable, scalable and do their work meticulously at a level that humans cannot replicate. They also must not slow us down or add additional trauma or burden to our daily lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has already cost humanity enough. The post-pandemic world must be cleaner and safer for all of us, but not at the expense of our everyday quality of life.

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