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Partners integrate thermal scanning into customer offerings

Efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 have generated interest in thermal scanning systems. Find out how channel firms are incorporating the technology into their offerings. By Spencer Smith, Site Editor As the world continues to grapple with the spread of the coronavirus, organizations are turning to thermal scanning systems as a means of protecting health […]

How Thermal Screening Can Help Detect COVID-19 in the Workplace

July 2, 2020 Robert J. Bowman, SupplyChainBrain As the coronavirus pandemic subsides — whenever that might be — businesses will be figuring out how to reopen in a manner that’s safe for employees as well as for customers. One valuable tool is thermal screening technology. In this conversation with SupplyChainBrain Editor-in-Chief Bob Bowman, Andrew Southern, founder and […]

Mass Temperature Monitoring Systems on PIX News New York

Invisible Health Technologies CEO Andrew Southern is interviewed on PIX New York to discuss Fever Detection Technology, Thermal Cameras and Mass Fever Screening Systems.     Transcription: Testing tracing and public confidence. That’s what officials say we need to rebound from COVID-19 tonight. A company thinks they have the answer to at least one of […]

How technology can streamline and improve temperature screening

Thermal cameras can screen large groups of students coming into school buildings at once. Here are five points district leaders should consider before adopting District leaders can improve and streamline school temperature screening procedures when students come into the building by using thermal camera technology to reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. Thermal detection can […]

FoxNews.com Features Invisible Health Technologies

Full Article: As America reopens, fever-screening technology touted as promising tool By Rebecca Kesten | Fox News Many businesses hoping to safely reopen are looking for ways to keep employees and customers safe from the spread of COVID-19. Although not everyone infected with the coronavirus will have a fever, 83 to 99 percent of people […]

Omnisense Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System In Action

Invisible Health Technologies’s CEO Andrew Southern provides a three minute overview of the features of the Omnisense Systems Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System. Transcript: Hi everybody. This is Andrew Southern with Invisible Health Technologies. Today. I’m really excited to share with you the most advanced Thermal Scanning System we’ve ever seen. It’s called the […]

Invisible Health Technologies on Good Morning Arizona

Thermal Cameras and Mass Fever Screening are the subject of this inverview with Invisible Health Technologies’s CEO Andrew Southern. Transcript You’ve heard, you know, how our lives are going to change due to the Corona virus. We’ll all be wearing masks. Folks will be getting their temperature taken at restaurants and as we get on […]

Invisible Health Technologies on PBS News Tech Takeover

Invisible Health Technologies CEO Andrew Southern is interviewed by the PBS Philadelphia News Team about Mass Fever Detection Systems and Thermal Cameras. Transcript: Interest in thermal imaging is growing as COVID-19 rages on. Tech takeover takes a closer look at the tech that detects fevers today. Tech takeover is taking a closer look at how […]

Everything You Need To Know About Temperature Monitoring Systems

In this webinar, Invisible Health Technologies CEO Andrew Southern gives an overview of the technology landscape surrounding the emerging field of Mass Fever Screening Systems. Transcription: Speaker 1: Hi everyone. My name’s Andrew Southern. I’m a technology consultant from New York city and I’m the CEO of invisible health technologies. We provide health technologies for […]