Omnisense Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System In Action

Invisible Health Technologies’s CEO Andrew Southern provides a three minute overview of the features of the Omnisense Systems Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System.


Hi everybody. This is Andrew Southern with Invisible Health Technologies.

Today. I’m really excited to share with you the most advanced Thermal Scanning System we’ve ever seen.

It’s called the Omnisense Sentry MK4 Mass Fever Screening System. It’s everything you see in this picture.

A complete system built from the ground up to sense people’s temperatures in public spaces, but it’s very unique.

First of all, it’s the most accurate system we could find at a third of a degree, Fahrenheit, accuracy.

Secondly, and very important. It can process people as they walk by without stopping. Other competing products require that you stop, take off your glasses, look into the camera.

Not so with this Omnisense system. And finally, this system has been deployed for over 15 years in Singapore and elsewhere. And we’re very proud to be bringing it here to the U S market.

But let me show you this system in action.

The thermal camera shows people walking by in blue and green colors when they’re within our certain limits, but outside of the limits, they’re shown in red and the system will alert.

The operator uses a touchscreen to set the alerts. And as people walk by, it’s a split screen image on the left. You can see the thermal image and on the right, you can see the HD image.

This is important because if somebody’s alerting, you can then look at the HD image and determine who that is and what they’re wearing. It’s important when you’re trying to pull somebody out of a crowd, but let me show you what I mean in real life…

Here’s an example from the airport, with a bunch of people getting off of an airplane. Everybody’s in the clear, you can see that clearly in the video, but look way down the hall, 40 feet down there.

There’s somebody coming right now with a temperature. That’s over the limit that we’ve set here. He comes this unlike everybody else, he’s shown in red.

If we pause it here, there’s a box around his face and the thermal image. There’s also a box around his face in the HD image. We can clearly identify this person and speak directly to him.

Let me go back to the product image for a second. Cause I think this is a great example of the power of this system in the foreground. There’s a gentleman wearing a mask and glasses, but we can still sense his temperature and determine that he’s over the limit that we’ve set.

Everybody else in this scene is in the clear, the kid in the background appears to be holding a Coke can, which is cold. And I can see that because it’s shown as sort of like a black image.

This system is set to only alert on the temperature of people’s faces. So it won’t go off if you’re walking by with a hot coffee cup, for instance.

Let me talk a minute about privacy. This system can be set to record the images from the cameras, as well as a time-stamped log of events or alerts that occur, or it can be set to not record anything and operate completely in real time.

And I think that that’s important to a lay people’s fears about privacy. If you want to learn more about this system, visit Thank you very much.