Air Quality Monitoring

Breathe new life into your organization with safer, cleaner air that offers greater protection and health benefits as a whole.

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Protect the Quality of the Air You Share

Protect your staff and customers from health risks with next-generation technology that allows you to understand, monitor, and display the quality of the air we all share.


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Key Features

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Quality Monitoring

Monitor your air quality in real time to continuously improve the cleanliness and safety of indoor spaces.

Pathogen Detection

Combat Airborne Health Risks

Use cutting-edge sensors to detect ultrafine particles, including those associated with COVID-19.

Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts & Remediation

Detect and remediate quickly when your air quality falls below the threshold with automated alerts and actions.

Data Displays

Air Quality Data Displays

Display real-time air quality data for your staff, customers, and visitors to provide ultimate peace of mind.

Enterprise Scalability

Enterprise Scalability

Scale to thousands of connected devices as you grow, and create remote reports with status updates.


Cost-Effective & Compliant

Optimize HVAC costs, improve employee health, and ensure compliance with OSHA regulations.

How It Works

AirThinx continuously monitors indoor air quality with nine sensors to detect ultrafine particles, and provides features such as alerts to enable immediate action, analytics to empower management, and apps to inform customers and staff.

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Our Methodology

New standards of health and safety that seamlessly integrate into your environment.

Full Suite of Products-1

Full Suite of Products

IHT offers a multi-faceted pandemic response and preparation system made up of the world’s best products to aid with pandemic preparation and recovery efforts.

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Industry Expertise

We help organizations across numerous verticals implement smart health technologies to create safer environments.

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White Glove Services

End-to-end white glove services ensure your pandemic response and preparation system is operational 24/7, 365 days per year.

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