Create the Cleaner, Safer Spaces of the Future

Prepare for an uncertain future and set new standards for indoor spaces with industry-leading health and safety technologies.

Redesigning Normal for a Better Tomorrow

We must apply what we learned from the Covid-19 pandemic in order to prepare for whatever comes next. Organizations can leverage our technologies to establish and deploy industry-leading preparedness measures. 

Learn how you can use technology, behind the scenes, to safeguard your environment and help every individual feel as comfortable as they do at home.


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Our Methodology

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to minimize risk of illness, rebuild trust, and offer peace of mind, empowering you to:



Identify and prevent sick people from entering your establishment.



Monitor and cleanse the air of dangerous viruses, pathogens and pollutants.


Sanitize At Scale

Sanitize your environment to kill viruses and harmful microorganisms.

What We Believe

Safety is a newfound focus in every organization, but yours can only thrive if new standards
are seamlessly integrated into daily operations.

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Achieve safe, accurate results with technology you can trust.

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Follow new safety measures without slowing anyone down.

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Ensure consistency across all new health and safety standards.

Proven Technology for Safe, Sanitized Spaces

Seek Scan Kiosk
Goodway BioSpray

Seek Scan Kiosk

Identify potentially sick individuals accurately and efficiently before they enter your facility.

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Monitor and detect compromised air quality to protect the health of customers and employees.

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Remove viruses, bacteria, and pathogens with the world’s most powerful purification technology.

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Goodway BioSpray

Sanitize to protect against pathogens and kill viruses on all surfaces.

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We screen over 1,000 people a day, with the majority coming through in a 30-minute window. It’s been effortless and delivers as promised."

Poly Prep Country Day School
Jennifer Slomack

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Safety Is The New Priority 

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